I'd always liked the 2 door Falcons. I had a BMW Coupe which was costing me too much to run (especially since I had just smashed it into the back of my girlfriends mums BMW and wasn't insured!) So I went looking for a old, beat up car that wouldn't cost me anything to insure and was cheap to run. The only problem was that I couldn't bring myself to buy a boring Datsun or Toyota or the like. So I went looking for an old Falcon. Initially I had set my mind on a XT or XR (like my dad had and what I had grown up with) but I soon found there wasn't much around. Then I started looking at XP's and the like. I didn't think I could afford a 2 door so I went looking at sedans…every weekend I went out searching. Everyone seemed to be asking too much, I had about $4000 to spend and all I found was rubbish and clowns. I was on my way home after telling a guy that "He was dreaming" when I decided to take a look at a 2 door that was advertised in the AGE for $6000. I stopped at a phonebox and rang the number and as it was on my way home I decided to drop in. It was owned by a girl in Toorak who had just got a company car and wanted to get rid of it. She took me for a ride and then I went over the car to have a closer look. There was rust through the passenger door and also the floor, so I made a big deal of that, then to my suprise she offered to take me down to the local panel beaters to get a quote on fixing it. After getting the quote (she was a bit suprised at how much it was) I made an offer of $5000 there and then , outside the panel beaters. She said OK straight away ( I immediately thought you idiot, you should have offered less!).






Melbourne, Victoria


At that stage it had just been re-sprayed and re-upholstered, and had the original motor in it. All the interior metal work was rusted. I took it to a panel beater friend who welded the floor fixed the rust and painted the interior for $500. Since then its had 2 motors in it and a new transmission. Currently it has a 250 2v with Teflon valve seals, race cam, 350 Holley, thermo fan and extractors. It's been lowered and now has custom '14 weld wheels, a 10 stacker Sony CD player, central locking and remote boot release, and has been re-carpeted throughout. It still leaks water onto my right shoe in the winter, which is pretty irritating, to the point where I would put a freezer bag over my foot. Now that all very well, but its hard to look cool getting out of you pride and joy wearing a suit with a freezer bag over your foot. Or telling your dumbfounded girlfriend "Do not say a word" the first time she saw me do it.

Its towed ski boats, other cars, splattered me with oil at 2am in the morning, been sideways, been hit by a 4 wheel drive (he ran up my boot - I was stationary and I bent his bullbar back into his bonnet…ahhh yes), taken me to the snow, got bogged on a ladies front lawn, and looked cool doing it all.

I love my XM………….Now the XP - well that's another story…………..

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