- Vince Porcelli

This is my 65 Falcon Sprint that has gone through being a street car, show car and now is a race car- show car. We've had the car since 1988 and it took us until 1997 to realize we only wanted to race. It has a stroked 351 windsor (408) with 12 to 1 compression, a C-4 transmission built by JPT in Michigan and a 4.33 gear. The car was built completely by a friend and myself. Its just another form of restoration and keeping the Falcons around.


The car runs the 1/4 mile in 9.60 seconds at 138 mph. The car was purchased by me in 1988 in real rough condition. My wife Emilie and I started on it in 1989 with the plan of having a nice pro street car. After a bunch of different things, like body work, motor, trans, clutch and interior we decided the street wasn't for us. We took it to the dragway in 1992 for the super ford meet and that's where it began.

We ran a 289 hi po with 4 spd toploader and a 5.43 gear and ran consistent 14.0 at 95 mph. Then we were hooked, every year since then we have cut our time and improved the car to the full chassis car it is today. 

Our stroked 351 windsor 408 with TFS Street Heat heads and 750 carb with a C-4 trans runs consistent 9.70 at 138 mph. The motor and heads were done by Wayne Kuchtyn of HEADWINDS in Westland Michigan and the car was built by me and Keith Engling of SKINNY KID RACE CARS in Highland Michigan and the trans by Jim Paquet of JPT TRANSMISSIONS in Eaton Rapids Michigan.

We launch the car at 4600 and shift at 6300 and go through the traps at 6300. Its easy on the motor and it runs all year. This season we are building a new motor and keeping the old for a back up. The new one will be with Edelbrock 7721 heads, a new carb (HP950), steel crank with the svo 2.749 journals, aluminum rods, titanium valves and new Penske shocks. We're hoping the car will go 9.30 at 145 mph, still on a small block with no power adders. We might add a 200 kit for the Mobil 1 Challenge so we can run some 8"s.The car has sixteen sponsors and all are seen on the car.

Also, the car was featured in the January 1997 issue of Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords before being converted to the Chassis car it is now and was also the Nov 1996 lead-in picture for the Super Ford Magazine coverage of the Super Ford Extravaganza at Milan Mich.

The car now runs a windsor 408 stroker with a powerglide trans and 4.30gears with a 33 inch tall tire and runs 8.90 at 150mph all day long. We shift it at 6600 and go thru the traps at 7000. We are currently building a new motor and hope to go 8.60 at 155 or 160mph.


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