XR8 5.0 Litre V8 Block from USA (Roller Cam - B303) Edelbrock Performer Manifold, Holley 600 Carb Vac Sec, Moroso Airfilter & Valve covers, Ported 351 Heads, Crane high energy Roller Rockers, Accel Twin Point Distributor, Mustang radiator, 2.5" Exhaust System with Try-Y Headers with header bolt circlips which stop bolts working loose. Special Rocker cover bolts & tabs which hold rocker covers down firmly preventing leaks. C-4 Auto with shift improvement kit, B & M Shifter, 9" Ford Diff with 2.79:1 Fairlane rear drums, ventilated & drilled disc brake front end (Booster Hidden in front right fender.) All new front end , shocks & suspension etc. New Laminated windscreen. Tacho & other gauges, Original Steering Wheel Pearled white, Tinted Windows, New Carpet, Paint: Turquoise Paint in 2 Pac inside & out.






Once upon a time there was an old Ford Wagon. A 1960 XK Station Wagon to be precise. It was owned by AL's Mother, my Aunty, who had unwittingly introduced My Cuz "AL" and myself "Nino" into this type of Classic vehicle. Back then the XK was used by us young lads to go surfing and riding motorbikes. Eventually & unfortunately...the car was sold but the influence of the O'l Ford had made it's mark! Sometime ago AL bought an 1966 XP Ute from a friend & drove that around for a few years, but you couldn't sleep in a Ute & stay dry in Victoria so.... One day AL & Keith, a friend from work, where walking along Elizabeth St in Melbourne eyeing off new motorcycles when AL spotted an Old 1964 XM Wagon for sale at an auction house for a bargain price of $460...with 7 months rego! Being out of cash he asked his mate Keith for a loan & 'Hey Presto' the next ting ya know they where driving back to work in the wagon! AL & his faithful Dog 'Muchachos' went everywhere in that 64 Ford & it never let him down. It even made it to Alice Springs with them when they decided to move from the city & go live in the outback. It then sat for what seemed like a Millennium or two but he still hung onto it because of all the fond memories it held for him. The car sat around for years and gathering dents and dust. Then one day I said to my Cuz'n AL , "hey" Cuz'n AL', the old barge would be good with a bit of a cleanup. And so the story begins....



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