- David Francis

My all original XK Deluxe Fordomatic Falcon - Still in its factory applied 1962 build colours of Botany Green & Merino White  and proudly boasting only 77,000 miles on the clock, she is an absolute delight to drive and gets admiring glances where ever we go.

Powered by the original, ever-reliable high comp 144 ci engine coupled to a 2-speed Fordomatic transmission, she cruises smoothly and effortlessly up to 65 miles an hour, and returns an average of twenty miles to the gallon .

I spotted the car sitting in a council car park, all sad and lonely, collecting dust for weeks! So I put a note on the windscreen & received a call. Upon closer inspection, and on speaking to its teenage owner, it was clear that this XK had once been stored and fastidiously pampered for many years by the original owner.

After reluctantly agreeing to sell and give the car a new home (better than the car park),  she was purchased and towed sadly home with a flat battery, no rego, 2 flat tyres and a suspected "blown head gasket".

I removed the rocker cover to find # 5 exhaust tappet completely wound undone and not opening the valve. This meant she had been running on 5 cylinders as the black  carbon-choked # 5 spark plug confirmed! After cleaning the plugs and re-setting the tappet, I poured a cup of fizz into the carby, and with the help of a set of jumper leads cranked her straight back to life, FIRST go!

Originally from the Canberra area, she was a member of The Veteran Motorists Club of Aust and also displays one of the Early silver-plated N.R.M.A Badges attached to the front bumper (which N.R.M.A advised me to remove and store safely). The car also came with its original keys, shop manual, venetians and was still fitted with lap seat belts and the standard non locking petrol cap.

The only trouble I've had was caused by dirty fuel. A special blend of ETHANOL, WATER & SEDIMENT, called "SUPER " here in Sydney. She got HOT, misfired and  would only run with the choke 1/2 out ! I noticed something wrong as soon as I drove out of the station driveway and onto the M5 Motor Way.

So I later drained the tank, cleaned the lines and jets then installed a paper disposable element filter to assist the Ford type metal canister and glass bowl  in the pump assy.

I hope you enjoy looking at the car as much as I do .



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