Julian Gill, Hobart, Tasmania.

This is my XL, I use it as a club car and it is very successful. It runs an XT 221 with a 250/2V head and 350 holley, the block has been balanced and fairly well worked with flat top pistons and computer ground cam. Uses late model alternator, fuel pump, oil pump, distributor and EF ignition with extractors and 3 1/2 inch side pipe. The suspension has been fully replaced, running XP top arms and tie rod ends and XF discs. Gearbox is a strengthened Cortina single rail 4 speed, with a welded standard diff. Wheels are 16x7 Auscar racing wheels with Dunlop W1 50 series tyres.
The car looks, goes and sounds really tuff (I think anyway) and is street registered as XLR-862 (xlr8-62).

I also have a deluxe XL which was my first car,
an xl panel van which is a project, and an XP sedan which I use everyday.


This is my daily driver, running a 221 and 3 speed all fairly standard.It has recently been resprayed and the interior redone with XR Fairmont bucket seats and a SAAS sports wheel. It has been lowered pretty drastically all round with 6 inch rims. It's main claim to fame is its stereo, running a Sony head unit and ten CD stacker with an Alpine V12 amp running a set of 3 way Craig splits, 8's and tweeters in the front doors and 4's in the kick panels. A pair of Alpine 6*9's in the rear parcel shelf run of the head unit and a 400 watt Audiobank amp runs a 12inch boxed Alpine ZR subwoofer. An Enforcer alarm keeps it in my driveway.

If you wish to have your car featured,
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and a blurb about how it came about.

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