I purchased my first early model Falcon back in 1988. It was a fairly clapped out blue on blue XK which I purchased for $500. It was originally supposed to be only a temporary thing until I got enough money
together to buy something new. But as these things go you fix up one thing then another and then suddenly your hooked. It ended up being quite a striking looking red and white machine that I still own.

It achieved some notoriety in Perth as it
starred in a couple of TV commercials for
a rock 'n' roll radio station.

I purchased the Futura about a year and a half ago. I had been searching for quite a while looking for a straight original XM or XP Futura coupe (you gotta have those bucket seats). Although I love working on my cars my job and other commitments don't allow me the time that I once had to tinker around so I wanted something pretty much perfect when I bought it. I had a look at several but none were quite in the condition I was after. I found the Futura in Adelaide. I was after an original six but none of the cars I had looked at prior had come close to being as clean or as straight as this one.

Besides the T-Bar and the radio the interior is original Futura down to the heater. The car is rust free and is painted in Porsche metallic blue. I intend to make some cosmetic changes which include getting rid of those XA mirrors and replacing them with early Mustang ones(which were also used on the Falcon Sprints) and putting the original radio back in.

The car is run by a mildly worked 302 with
a C4 and a Detroit Locker nine inch. I also
intend to install a power steering unit. As
anyone who has driven a V8 powered early
model Falcon will agree it's not much fun
around the city.

I recently drove the Futura from Adelaide to
Melbourne then up to Sydney and it didn't
miss a beat. Unlike many other owners of
great old cars I believe a car is there to be
driven and not just tucked away in some
garage only to be brought out for shows
or when the weather is just right

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